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Bitcoin (BTC) is the first known and decentralized cryptocurrency created by an unrevealed person or group called Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

The concept of Bitcoin lies in the opportunity for peer–to–peer transactions of digital money with no need for any middle party like banks. These transactions are processed by network nodes and recorded in blockchain – digital and public ledger.

Bitcoins are unable to be printed as FIAT money; they are mined and do not have a physical form. Mining is a process of adding transaction records to the blockchain; or, in simple terms, working–out computationally–difficult problems by сomputer software.

Bitcoin mining is limited; in fact, only 21 million Bitcoins exist. These 21 million can be used for different purposes; the main one stays the same – purchasing things online without any governmental or economical monitoring.
Ethereum (ETH) is a software blockchain-based platform that keeps immediate reports of digital transactions. Ethereum was produced by Vitaliy Buterin and his team in 2015.

This platform does not involve any central maintenance or securing authority, and allows only “smart contracts” – highly programmable digital money for peer-to-peer transactions running without any contribution of a third party.

As a payment method, Ethereum blockchain platform recognizes only Ether – native Ethereum cryptocurrency, also called “digital oil/fuel,” the second digital currency after Bitcoin.

The price of ETH as the price of BTC also depends on public supply and demand.

Market Cap of ETH in 2017
Buying cryptocurrency with Bid Krypto is easy. Depending on your region, you will first need to make a deposit using a bank transfer, EFT or any other method available to you.

Once your deposit has reflected in your local currency wallet, you can proceed to buy cryptocurrency with those funds.

Visit our Help Centre to learn more about how to add money to your Bid Krypto wallet and then buy cryptocurrency.
In order to send, receive, trade or store crypto with Bid Krypto, you'll need to first verify your identity as a resident of a country in our list of supported countries.
There are different account levels, with deposit and withdrawal limits that apply to each level:
  • Level 1 - Confirm mobile number and basic personal details and selfie photo (no older than 24 hours)
  • Level 2 - Submit/Photo scan of government-issued ID (accepted documents)
  • Level 3 - Submit proof of residential address (accepted documents)
Read our Help Centre article to learn more about how account verification works.
If you are not eligible to use Bid Krypto in your country, you will still be able to sign up for an unverified account where you can explore Bid Krypto without verifying your identity.
Unfortunately, moving money from the new financial system to the old is not immediate. We will immediately process your withdrawal, but depending on your region and the bank you use, it may take up to two business days to allocate your withdrawal to your bank account. To withdraw money from your local currency wallet, follow these steps:
  • Select Wallets from the Menu and then choose Withdraw on your local currency wallet
  • You will be prompted to link your bank account if you have not yet provided us with your bank account details
  • Next, enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  • Select your bank account, enter your PIN and you’re set to withdraw.
Visit our Help Centre to learn how long it takes for your withdrawal to reflect in your bank account.
Due to the UK banking regulation 'Know Your Customer’ (KYC), and to prevent any corruption, financial crime, and fraud, we are required to verify the identity of our clients. In order to use more Bid Krypto services, we do need to collect your personal information.
Absolutely not. Using other people's documents or any information is considered as identity and financial fraud, and strictly prohibited in our service. Such documents cannot be accepted for Bid Krypto account verification.
If your email address that is linked to your Bid Krypto account was hacked, please contact our Support Team urgently! We’ll temporarily block your account until simple identity verification is passed. We’ll block any access to your account without delay to ensure that no one will have a chance to transfer funds from it. Account lockout is a transitional measure until identity verification is passed.
We would really like to assist you with any questions you might have about Bid Krypto services. Please feel free to send an email at support@Bid or open a Live Chat with our Support Operator (available 8-17 UTC). We are only a message away and always happy to help!
There are some rules you need to know :
  1. Use strong passwords or password generators and keep to the maximum of 16 characters. Don’t rely on word combinations you’ve used before, neither make a password from your or your children birthdays, names of family members etc. These types of passwords are usually the first to be compromised and breached.
  2. Do not store anything in an unprotected document. Store bitcoin-related passwords separately from each other. Keep an eye on your wallet and keep your passwords in secure locations. You can use software that helps to store passwords under one master password.
  3. Keep your software up to date. Always update firmware and keep your antivirus updated.
  4. Hackers mainly use attractive slogans in their emails or links for hacking purpose. So do not open or click on such links. Do not open shady links or expose your password through links in emails.
By following the instructions above you can keep your Bid Krypto multiple crypto wallets as secure as possible and protected under any circumstances!
We do not charge transaction fees to our customers.
Our Enterprise Wallet Manager supports a broad number of the most common cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. Our protection technology is independent from the underlying currency, so we are regularly adding support for an increasing number of currencies.